Kegerator Kit – Single Tap Tower PERLIC FAUCETS

Complete Kegerator / Keezer Single Tap Tower Conversion Kit

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For customers who want to make their own kegerator or keezer, this is a complete set up. Customers can choose which of the range topping Perlic Faucets the kit ships with, flow control or standard.

The insulated tower has 4 holes in the base flange to fix the base of the tower which is then hidden with a matching stainless cover for a professional look. We have included 2m of 3/16 line with John Guest 3/16 to 3/8 adapters. This line can be spliced into the supplied 3/8 beer line if the beer lines need to be balanced enabling fob free pouring in almost any circumstance.

The supplied shank has the 3/8 beer line pre fixed using Oetiker clips.

Once customers have added their choice of Perlic Faucet , above right, this is a complete liquid side dispense setup.

The kit contains:-

1 x Brushed stainless steel insulated single tap font

1 x Stainless steel short shank

2 Meters 3/8 beer line. This is pre installed onto the shanks and secured using Oetiker clips

2 Meters of 3/16 beer line with John Guest Adapters.

1 x John Guest adapters to join beer line to disconnects

1 x Black disconnect – beer out

1 x Font tap spanner

1 x Beer Tap Brush and Plug to keep any nasties out whilst not in use.

Instructions for fitting:-

Firstly add the trim ring and black rubber o ring over the tower.
The shank has the 3/8 beer line already connected. Go with this length of line to start with.. Then if you have issues pouring you can splice in the 3/16 line.
Take the back nut and the white washer off of the shank. Poke the beer line through the shank hole in the tower, then run the white washer and back nut back up the beer line on the inside of the tower. You can now do the nut up on the back of the shank to secure it.
Fit the tap onto the shank.
Fit the JG fittings onto the black disconnect and push fit your line. You can then connect up the black disconnect to the keg post.

Finished set up with flow control Perlic faucet
4 x pre drilled holes for securing the tower
Finished with a matching brushed stainless cover
Stainless towers are insulated using high density foam
Shanks are supplied with the beer line pre installed using Oetiker Clips.
Product out disconnect with JG adapter


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