Keggle & Burner Combination

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Keggle & Burner Combination – all the equipment required to be able to brew from grain or extract.

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58 Litre Stainless Steel Keggle

These brand new keggles are made from 304 stainless steel.

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7.5kw gas burner and stand

Large cast iron gas burner in a strong pressed steel frame.

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37 mbar Low Pressure Screw-in Propane Gas Regulator

Up to 9kw output, suitable for our gas burners and hose.

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8.3mm LPG High Pressure Gas Hose × 2

Propane/Butane gas hose to BS 3212 Type 2.

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Grain Bag fits all pots up to 100l

Strong bag with a drawstring top, perfect for BIAB (brew in the bag)

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Stainless Steel Hosebarb Male

Stainless steel hose barb male, screws into the female valves.

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Stainless Steel 1/2 inch BSP socket.

Stainless Steel 1/2 inch BSP socket.

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Bazooka Hop filter 12 inches

This stainless filter is used widely by home brewers

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This keggle with burner and grain steeping bag is all the equipment required to be able to brew from grain or extract. Just add a propane bottle. This keggle has a capacity of 58 litres, so big batches are no issue.

Simply steep the grain at the temperature and time stated in the recipe, remove and then boil the resulting liquor with hops.

Brewing from grain does not have to be complicated. This is an economical, easy step that will be expandable as experience is gained.

The domed shaped of the bottom of the keggle has big advantages as it has a higher surface area for heat distribution and also allows the trub to fall to the centre easily when whirl pooling.  This is ideal with the use of pellet hops, simply drain the wort from the side of kettle, the trub will be beneath the outlet.

Stainless steel keggle with stainless hop filter and full bore two-piece stainless steel valve with hose barb. Stainless lid included.

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