LorAnn Flavouring – Maple 1fl dram/3.7ml

Great taste starts here!  When preparing homemade treats for our friends and family, we want to give our best. Since 1962, producing high-quality flavors has been LorAnn’s tradition.

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Maple isn’t just for pancakes! Use this delightful flavor to enhance cookies, frostings, lip balms, and more! Use as a standalone or pair with a complimentary flavor for extra dimension.

1 dram = about 1 teaspoon

*Please note, Maple is a more subtle flavor. You may need to use more to achieve desired result.

Kosher certified • Gluten-free • Soluble in water

We would always recommend dosing lightly first of all or doing a test batch and measuring before scaling up to dose the full batch.

Its always possible to add more flavouring, but not possible to take away once added.

Originally, LorAnn Oils bottled and distributed about 8 to 10 core essential oils such as peppermint and clove and distribution was limited to pharmacies. Over the years, the business has expanded its product offerings and we now sell to a wide variety of retailers, manufacturers, health practitioners and home consumers. Today, the company services over 30,000 customers in 51 countries.

LorAnn is known for concentrated, professional strength flavorings and essential oils, but the LorAnn product line encompasses a variety of candy making and baking supplies in addition to our many flavoring options: Super-Strength Flavors, Premium Vanilla Extracts, Vanilla Bean Paste, Bakery Emulsions and the Flavor Fountain line of flavorings for frozen yogurt and ice cream. Nearly all food products are certified kosher, without added sugar, and gluten-free

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Country of Origin US
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