Lost Industry – Mojito Sour

All grain recipe kit for brewing Lost Industry – Mojito Sour

A sharp and acidic kettle sour, brewed in collaboration with cuckoo brewers Steel City, really does taste like a mojito cocktail

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These kits include all grains, hops, and yeast needed to brew the recipe according to the instructions found in CAMRA’s Essential Home Brewing book.

Lost Industry – Mojito Sour

Sheffield’s Lost Industry was born from a love of beer. Brothers Jimmy and Nate started brewing in November 2015, with the simple plan of brewing beer that they wanted to drink, with no inhibitions. The brewery has no core range but is known for their love of sour beers. This sharp and acidic kettle sour, brewed in collaboration with cuckoo brewers Steel City, really does taste like a mojito cocktail. The lime and mint interplay wonderfully to create a refreshing tang.

The process of kettle souring requires a source of lactobacillus – a bacteria that’s used in the production of yoghurt. Mash and sparge as usual to collect the wort then bring it to the boil. After a quick 10 minute boil (primarily to sanitise), cool the wort down to around 45°C (113°F) and pitch the lactobacillus. Low fat natural greek yoghurt is one option, or you can buy acidophilus capsules from a chemist or health food shop. You’ll need a couple of small pots of yoghurt or around 50 capsules. Once the lacto has been added, seal the kettle and if possible, give it a blast of CO2. You’ll need to hold the temperature between 30-45°C (86-113°F) for around 2 days. The pH of the wort will drop as the lacto takes hold. The duration of souring and the final pH are a matter of taste: the longer you leave it, the more it will sour. Once the desired pH (usually around 3.2-3.5) has been reached, bring the wort back to the boil and proceed with the recipe additions as per the schedule.

Colour 10

Original 1054

Final 1008

ABV 6%

Bitterness 5


NOTE: This recipe requires additions of peel from 10 limes on the boil, then juice of 10 limes at time of transfer along with 80g of fresh mint. Also required is lactobacillus to sour, which is not included in this kit.

Every effort is made to match the brewery recipe precisely, but at times it maybe necessary to change some of the listed ingredients on the recipe to alternatives due to seasonality or availability, but in all cases we do our best replace with something that won’t impact on the overall taste and flavour of the beer.

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