Lubelski - T90 Hop Pellets 100g

Lubelski – T90 Hop Pellets 100g


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Long thought to have been a landrace cultivar of Saaz and is widely used as a replacement. Gentle spiciness with background floral notes.

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Lubelski, a Polish noble aroma hop akin to Czech Saaz, emerges as a beacon of brewing heritage. Lubelski is long thought to have been a landrace cultivar of Saaz. It exhibits many of the same characteristics and is widely used as a replacement.

Distinctive herbal notes, coupled with a subtle touch of cinnamon and bergamot, define this timeless variety. For decades, Lubelski has graced the brewing traditions of Poland, standing as the main aroma hop.

A versatile choice, it lends itself beautifully to classical beer styles originating from Germany and the Czech Republic, while also contributing to the complexity of new wave beers when employed in dry-hopping techniques


Lubelski unfolds its charm with a flavour profile rooted in tradition. The herbal essence takes center stage, complemented by a subtle interplay of cinnamon and bergamot. This hop variety pays homage to classical beer styles, offering a nod to the brewing legacies of Germany and the Czech Republic.


Dive into the aromatic world of Lubelski, where the herbal symphony is punctuated by a pinch of cinnamon and the distinctive brightness of bergamot. Whether you’re crafting a classic lager or pushing the boundaries with a new wave creation, Lubelski adds layers of aroma that elevate the brewing experience.

Lubelski’s versatility knows no bounds, making it an excellent choice for brewers seeking to evoke the essence of traditional styles or infuse modern beers with unique character. From German lagers to Czech pilsners, Lubelski stands as a cornerstone in the brewer’s palette.

As the main aroma hop in Poland for decades, Lubelski carries the weight of tradition and the promise of innovation. Its late harvest unveils an extra kick of bergamot and lemon, solidifying Lubelski as a timeless companion in the ever-evolving world of brewing.

We contract and source our hops from the finest merchants and farms around the world, ensuring you get the chance to brew with the same high quality product that professional breweries use.

Using mylar bags which prevent light degradation of the hops, flushing the bags with nitrogen to remove oxygen and cold storage of them until ordered by you, ensures the hops are as fresh as possible.

If you want to learn more about hops and how to use them then check out our Help Centre where you will find blog posts and our Brew With Us ESSENTIALS and we also have some great content on our YouTube channel about hops too.

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