Mainiacal Yeast – Artificially Spon’d 2 – Liquid

Artificially Spon’d 2

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Mainiacal Yeast  provide unique yeast and bacteria to both homebrewers and pro-brewers in the US. A small independent lab who usually only sell within the US and when they have a batch available they sell out really fast due to their desirability. We are really proud to be the first to bring their yeast to European home brewers.


Although we have multitudes of clean beer yeast strains in our bank, we also like to focus on the wild and unused strains (not to say we won’t have clean beer strains available). This focus has lead to a microbe bank of many yeast and bacteria strains a lot of which most have never heard of or used. These strains are our non Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Pediococcus or Lactobacillus strains. We are also offering a multitude of Kveik cultures, which are the names given to cultures from the Norwegian/Lithuanian region that have been handed down in families for generations traditionally used in their Norwegian Farmhouse ales. They are extremely unique in both fermentation and flavor profiles.  We’ll also have a variety of other cultures and mixed cultures available which you can find on our Online Shop page!


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