Modified Grainfather Sparge Water Heater

Modified Sparge Water Heater.


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The Modified Sparge Water Heater is a temperature controlled urn that allows you to heat up to 18 L of water. This makes the process easier, start heating your sparge water when you begin the mash to ensure it is ready for when you need to sparge. Once water is at required temperature, it will hold that temperature until changed or turned off.

We add a thermowell and ball valve tap with 13mm hose barb.  This makes it simple to control the flow of water when sparging.  Our 12mm ID Silicone Hose fits the barb.  The original tap and site glass is retained, we do remove the tap handle and put in a zip lock bag should you decide to use it.

The Sparge Water Heater features:

18 L Capacity

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 2 kw Element
  • Sight Glass (with 1 L graduations visible)
  • Tap
  • Temperature Control
  • Heating Lights (to indicate input temperature has been reached or is still being heated)

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