Muntons Carbonation Drops

Muntons Carbonation Drops


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Muntons Carbonation Drops is the easy, no-fuss solution to carbonating your 500 ml bottles of beer or cider.

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Muntons Carbonation Drops provide the ideal way to carbonate bottled beers or ciders.

Unlike many carbonation drops on the market, Muntons Carbonation Drops are specifically designed for 500 ml bottles of beer or cider, and contain the exact amount of priming sugar needed for this volume.

Simply place two carbonation drops into each 500 ml bottle in place of priming sugar and leave for the period instructed in your recipe.

For smaller bottles simply use one carbonation drop per bottle.


Contains 80 drops – 2 per x 500 ml bottle. Sufficient for 40 x 500 ml bottles.


For fast, easy bottling. Carbonation Drops take the guess work out of priming your beer & completely replaces priming sugar.

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