Muntons Tap Room – Lemon Radler 1.5kg

Easy to make extract beer kits, limited edition small batch range, with rotating beer styles. Perfect for the beginner or an experienced home brewer experienced home brewer.

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Simply The Zest Lemon Radler: Light and refreshingly zesty, it perfectly represents the British Summertime in a bottle. NO additional brewing sugar is required!

Radler (meaning cyclist in German) was a style invented in Deisenhofen, Germany back in June 1922. A local Inn keeper created a bike-trail from nearby Munich to his tavern, attracting 13,000 cyclists in one day. To keep them safe on their trip back to the city, he brewed a low ABV refreshing beer now known as the Radler. In modern times, the Radler has become the perfect summer beer.

Makes 35 pints, no additional brewing sugar required for the brewing process.

Introducing Tap Room Series! A truly limited-edition range of contemporary, one batch beer kits from Muntons.

Muntons are launching accessible craft beer styles with an innovative approach…

A limited number of each, unique beer style will be produced on a one-off basis, making it truly limited-edition. Once one sells through, another on-trend beer will enter the market, keeping the range exciting and diverse. At any one time a maximum of 4 beer styles will be available.

Each style’s label has been designed – via a social media competition – by beer lovers, in keeping with current craft beer designs.

Muntons will also be engaging with homebrewers with educational videos, merchandise, and social media content to help promote the range. Get involved by tagging @MuntonsHomebrew on your Tap Room Series social posts and they’ll repost to their followers.

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Weight 2 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 1901901900


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