Monitor, control and record your fermentation progress remotely.


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MyBrewBot allows you to monitor and control your fermentation process remotely anywhere.

By linking two smartplugs (sold separately) to each fermenting fridge you can use your MyBrewBot to control your fermentation temperature remotely from anywhere by using the free app on your smartphone. You could be on holiday, at work, and you can decide if you want to raise fermentation temperature, or if you want to start your cold crash.

MyBrewBot can work with just the probes (sold separately), the probes can measure both ambient fridge temperature and be used in a thermowell on the fermenter, for two fridges at the same time. MyBrewBot then takes the probe readings and calculates using its algorithm the pattern of fermentation and when you will reach FG based on the beer style and target gravity.

You can also program a 15 step fermentation profile, program in advance to adjust temperature based on gravity reading or by time lapsed, plan in when you want the temperature to start to rise or even start to cold crash, temperatures in C and F, all without the need to be present.

In addition to working with the probes this latest generation of MyBrewBot can read and record data from your Tilt. So you no longer need to have that old tablet or smartphone next to your fermenter to record information to Google docs. With the new MyBrewbot you can see Tilt data for up to two Tilt devices (Fermenter 1 and fermenter 2) and access the data from your phone anywhere in the world.

Download the free Tilt app at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

For full set up instructions please click here

MyBrewBot requires access to wifi network to send data to the app. MyBrewBot also requires a USB lead and plug for power (not included).

Tilt hydrometer, probes, smart plugs, hub all sold separately to allow you to configure your own set up.

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