New England Style Hop Selection Pack

Crushable, juicy hop selection, perfect gift for any brewer.

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Ideal gift for any brewer at any level, these hops can be used in the boil for an all grain or malt extract brew. However, if you are brewing from beer kits these are ideal dry hops. Add incredible, juicy flavours, used on their own or in combination.

Individually packed 100Selection Includes:-

100g Citra. Citra is a special aroma hop variety and has unique and highly favoured flavour characteristics. As the name suggests its flavour descriptors include the citrus fruits lime and grapefruit, other fruity characters described as gooseberry, passion fruit, lychee as well as numerous other tropical fruits. Best used for it’s aroma in late and dry additions. There is no other hop like it.

100g Mosaic. American variety bred from Simcoe and Nugget. Mosaic offers a blend of earthy, floral, tropical and fruity characteristics that work excellently in a variety of different beer styles.

100g Galaxy. When used late in the kettle, the whirlpool, or for dry hopping, Galaxy™ contributes a striking flavour best described as a combination of passion fruit and citrus. The fruit characters are modulated by different hops, malts, yeasts and dosing, however a late addition of Galaxy™ into the brew is always distinct.

100g El Dorado. Intense stone fruit aroma, dual purpose hop with exceptional aroma qualities and high alpha acids. Tropical fruit as well as pear and watermelon

100g Amarillo. Unique very floral/spicy. Powerful aroma with good bittering quality.



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