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NZ Cascade – Taiheke ™ Whole Hops

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Alpha 9.4% 2016 Harvest

5 – 9 packets = 10% discount
10 packets = 20% discount


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During selection this hop displays quite exceptional levels of citrus moving more toward grapefruit characteristics. Similarities exist between New Zealand grown and USA grown Cascade, however agronomics and what vintners describe “terriour” does impact in what many selectors describe as positive for the New Zealand type. Bright colour and tight compact cone shape give it instant appeal and the power of its resinous mix on the senses makes it a real standout during selection.

Performs well when used as a single variety across multiple kettle additions or when singled out as a late gift or dry hopping duty. Can do some really great things for the hop advocate when matched up with some of the other New Zealand aroma heavy weights such as Motueka or Riwaka.

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