Olicana T45 Pellets 100g

Lupulin enriched T45 pellets. Tropical fruit flavours and aromas, including mango, grapefruit and passionfruit.

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Flavour and Aroma

Tropical fruit flavours and aromas, including mango, grapefruit and passionfruit.


Mango, grapefruit, passionfruit.

Bittering Characteristics

Complex bitterness with citrus and tropical fruit.

Flavour Intensity


About this Hop

Oilcana® is from the Charles Faram Hop development programme. It brings tropical flavours to the UK.

A sister of Jester®, Olicana® is more leafy, taller and vigorous. This variety was planted in 2009 in Herefordshire/Worcestershire and released commercially in 2014. It was not originally selected as it was Powdery Mildew susceptible like Challenger, however Olicana® is more tolerant. The hop was trialled by Mark Andrews of Townend Farm, Herefordshire and is now commercially grown by  Townend Farm and Stocks Farm, Worcestershire.



What are T45 pellets?
Type 45 pellets are by no means a new invention. To explain the difference, we should begin with how Type 90 pellets are made. Whole hops are chopped into a fine powder, homogenised (mixed) to ensure consistency within the batch and then pressed through a die. These pellets will have had some material removed (leaf and stem) and the moisture content may be slightly lower than the whole hops before processing, so the 90 in Type 90 or T90 stands for 90%. Originally processors would expect 90% of the weight of the whole hops returned as pellets.

Today the process is more efficient and the return is higher than that but the name for the process has remained the same.


Lupulin enriched Type 45 pellets differ from Type 90 in that the whole hops are frozen at -20°C, then chopped. When frozen, the lupulin becomes less sticky and it is possible to separate some plant material from the lupulin by sieving. Approximately half of this plant material is discarded and the remainder is then recombined with the lupulin and pressed through a similar die to Type 90. In reality, the amount of plant material used can be varied so these pellets are often standardised to an alpha value, so they may not be 45% of the original weight but more likely 50-80%. These pellets are lupulin enriched pellets. Clean and juicy
So, what was the goal of this project? There are some obvious advantages to Type 45 pellets. The product weight is reduced so shipping is less costly. When dry hopping in the fermentation or conditioning vessel, beer losses are significantly reduced. There are also some less obvious advantages; potentially a cleaner aroma and flavour profile, and the ability to increase dry hopping rates with more juicy characteristics and less funkiness.

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