Pastore Brewing and Blending with The Malt Miller – Competition Kit

This product is purely for entry into the Pastore Brewing and Blending Home brew competition.

By purchasing this kit you will have an entry into the competition.

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See below for the full breakdown of the rules, prizes and some suggested styles for inspiration.
The only way to enter is through buying the kit from The Malt Miller.
The kits will go live at 11am on Wednesday the 15th of September.

Pastore Brewing and Blending are launching their first homebrew competition. As some of you may know they are specialists in mixed fermentation and all things funky. All the team here were/still are homebrewers and so combining homebrewing and mixed fermentation is a bit of a no brainer to us. We wanted to make the competition as accessible to people as possible so whether you are sour newbie or a master of milking the funk, we want you to have a go! We’ve run a few tours and tastings for homebrew clubs recently and have realised that people are interested in brewing their own mixed ferm/funky beer but need a push to get started, well here it is!

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at The Malt Miller to provide a base malt kit but everything else is in your hands. Whether you want to pitch a combination of 20+ yeasts and bacteria or simply pitch philly sour, boil or no boil, hops or no hops, puree or whole fruit, brett or lactobacillus it’s up to you! We are giving you a 5-month window to brew your beer and send three bottles to us in the last couple of weeks of February labelled. This means if you want to age something you will have ample opportunity to do so.

We will judge every beer individually so a kettle sour or hoppy saison has an equal chance to win as a pseudo-lambic does. The BJCP guidelines for these styles are notoriously a point of contention within the mixed fermentation community hence why we aren’t quoting a style guideline. We strongly encourage experimentation and the weird and wonderful, so we don’t want to put anyone in a box. The only real rule is to keep it funky and/or sour.



Ingredients Included

65% Crisp Extra Pale (Lager) Malt (3260 grams)
30% Crisp Pale Wheat Malt (1500 grams)
5% Crisp Flaked Torrefied Oats Including Husk (250 grams)


Beer Style (main): Hybrid/Mixed
Beer Style (sub): Specialty Beer
Batch Size: 23L
Original Gravity: 1.050

Berliner Weisse
Fruited Kettle Sour
Biere de Garde
American Wild Ale
Brett beer
Biere de Miel
Biere de coupage
Belgian Speciality Beer
Blended Wild Ale
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PRIZES from Pastore Brewing and Blending, The Malt Miller, Crisp Malt and Bootleg Biology
1st PRIZE:
Brew day experience at Pastore Brewing and Blending, one-off mixed fermentation collaboration brew, mixed case of Pastore beers, an original Donkey Dasher print, £150 store credit at The Malt Miller, yeast from Bootleg Biology, a tour of Crisp Maltings, A 25kg sack of Plumage Archer, Crisp Goody Bag.
2nd PRIZE:
Mixed case of Pastore beer, an original Donkey Dasher print, £100 store credit at The Malt Miller, yeast from Bootleg Biology, Crisp goody bag.
3rd Prize:
Mixed case of Pastore beer, £50 store credit at The Malt Miller, yeast from Bootleg Biology, Crisp goody bag.
The Rules
Over 18s and UK residents only.
Strictly one entry per person. Anyone found to have entered multiple times will be disqualified. This includes purchasing entries for other people or on the behalf of someone else.
All submissions must use the recipe kit provided by The Malt Miller. Your order number will double as your entry number. No order number, no entry, no kit on the order, no entry.

Entrants must submit three 500ml bottles clearly labelled using the template from Pastore Competition Entry.

Entries must arrive at:

Pastore Brewing and Blending,
Unit 2 Convent Drive,
Waterbeach, CAMBS,
CB25 9QT
Entries MUST arrive between Monday the 14th of February and Monday the 28th of February.
Any entries received before or after these dates will not be entered.
The entrant is responsible for the safe shipping and receipt of the entries.
It will not be possible to provide feedback to all entrants.

The judge’s decision is final in all aspects of the competition.

The winners are to be announced on Friday the 18th of March.

The winner will be responsible for any travel and accomodation costs associated with visiting the brewery for the brew day experience.

Prizes are subject to change.

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