Phantasm™ Powder - Amazing Boost to Tropical Hop Aroma - 1kg

Phantasm™ Powder – Amazing Boost to Tropical Hop Aroma – 1kg


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Amazing boost to tropical fruit aromas from a wide range of hops including Madarina Bavaria and Saaz plus Citra and Mosaic.

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WHC Hop Unlock- Thiol producing Liquid Yeast! BB: 23/08/2024

Provides your pale ales and IPA’s with juicy esters aromas of lemon, orange, pear, and juicy fruit gum.

WLP077 Tropicale yeast Blend - Thiol Releasing Non-GMO - PurePitch® Next Generation - BB: 14/10/2024

Providing a balance of tropical flavors and aromas, such as passionfruit, grapefruit, and mango, that’s perfect for a juicy, hazy IPA!

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What Phantasm™ say:-

Our mission at Phantasm is to equip the world’s best brewers with new and exciting ingredients. Unreal natural flavours that can unlock into incredible new beer experiences – and we’re just getting started. Phantasm™ Powder, the amazing Thiol unlocking aroma enhancer

Ok, so there have been many wow products that we have seen come and go. The hype of magical flavours enhancers using product, process or both. Very rarely are we we as convinced as the hype after trying. Phantasm™  powder, believe the hype.

So, what is Phantasm™?

Phantasm is a patent pending powder extract derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Grapes. It is high in Thiol precursor compounds and designed to be added during active fermentation in beer to increase tropical aromas and flavours. 

You can check out more about Thiols here for a technical explanation. However, what we really need to know is that there is an interaction between hops and yeast and hops ( and malts ) contain aroma profiles that can be unlocked in the final product by using certain yeast strains. This is boosted by adding Phantasm™. Many of the articles written will be U.S. Focused and will also speak of GM adapted yeast strains, especially those from OMEGA YEAST

Whilst GM adapted yeast is banned from pretty much everywhere in the world except The United States, we are seeing yeast strains coming through that can be paired with Phantasm™ from Whitelabs and WHC 

How to use.

Use at a rate of between 4 – 7g per litre. Depending on the yeast and hops used will determine the usage rate. Whilst we all recognise that Citra and Mosaic have punchy aroma, the use of Phantasm™ will unlock amazing flavours in lesser used hops such as Mandarina Baveria and Saaz

This allows lower usage rate rates of more economical hops and not just in IPA’s but in more malt forward beers such as lager.

Where to use in the brewing process has been a matter for discussion with some saying in the whirlpool and others during active fermentation. Our preference is at whirlpool stage, we are experimenting.

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