PLAATO Keg – monitor your kegs remotely, have full visibility on pours, remaining volume of beer, detect for leaks on your system and so much more.

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The Ultimate Keg Management System

O Load cell based & maintenance free
Know how much you have
O See how much you pour
O Follow from anywhere
O Share with friends
O Unaffected by foam

Monitor your kegs

Get full control over all of your kegs. Highly accurate load-cells keeps track of the good stuff, and yes the beer’s gravity is included in the calculations.

Never tap out

Shows you pouring in real-time, and notifies you whenever a beer is being poured from your keg.

Follow from Anywhere

Always know the status of your kegs – no matter where you are. The Plaato Keg sends real-time data of your kegs directly to your smartphone using WiFi.

Easy Setup

The Plug & Play setup is never in contact with your beer

Share with friends

Connect as many users to the app as you want. Cheers!


Yes, it is also beerproof. Made of a impact resistant polycarbonate body, the device is made to withstand even the roughest environments, and at the same time keeping the measurements right on spot.

Connect multiple devices

Connect as many devices as you want. Share with multiple users.

Fits all kegs

Plaato Keg is the perfect match to all your kegs


Pour notific with industry-level accuracy. Plaato Keg uses three synchronized, high-quality load-cells that measures the keg-weight every 0.1 second.

Detects leaks

Get peace of mind with the built-in leak detection. The electrical current between two non-corrosive metal probes are measured continously, and if a leak occurs, the current increases, and the device knows a leak is in action.

Magnetic cable

Robust design with a high-quality feel

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8423109000


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