ProMix - Kettle Finings and Yeast Nutrient Mix

ProMix – Kettle Finings and Yeast Nutrient Mix


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Kettle Fining and Yeast Nutrient combination. Clearer beer and happy yeast for an improved final product

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This Kettle Finings and Yeast Nutrient mix is added to the kettle 10 minutes before the end of boil. Easy to use, no need to weigh out small amounts, simply add the entire contents of the sachet for batches up to 23 litres. Used in any beer style to enhance the final product.

In basic terms, adding Kettle finings to the wort causes smaller, protein particles to cling together, as the particles become bigger they drop into the trub at the bottom of the kettle. Kettle finings ( Protafloc )  are made from Carrageenans ( E407 ) and are red seaweed extracts that act as a thickeners, setting agent or stabiliser within the food industry. Very commonly used in various forms across the brewing industry, this granulated product is far more suited to home brewers as the amount required is very small. Using Protafloc tablets, that are aimed as a commercial brewery product, home brewers run the high risk of overdosing the wort. This causes problems when draining the kettle and causes excessive beer losses.

The use of kettle finings does not effect head retention and prolongs beer shelf life.

The Yeast Nutrient element helps to provide the yeast with essential micro-nutrients that may be missing or insufficient in the wort. This increased availability of micro-nutrients leads to improved yeast viability and vitality, allowing use of the yeast for even more generations without any decrease in quality. It is a highly recommend product for brewers looking to optimise their fermentation process.

Contains sterols, biotin, zinc and other micronutrients that are normally missing from other yeast nutrient products commonly found on the market.

  • Improved yeast viability and vitality
  • Increased fermentation speed and consistency
  • Standardised fermentation process
  • Enables the use of yeast for more generations without any drop in quality
  • Enhances overall beer quality


E407 semi-refined grade carrageenan

Zinc enriched yeast – Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Instructions: Add contents of sachet to the kettle 10 minutes before the end of boil.

Recommended storage temperature is 10°C – 15°C

Yeast Nutrient Plus MSDS

Protafloc Granules SDS

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