Pure Hop Aroma Oil Cascade

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Cascade pure aroma hop oil.


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Cascade Pure Hop Aroma Oil 15ml, 2ml syringe and fact sheet.

Pure Hop Aroma Oil 15ml


Pure hop aroma oils have been developed to provide an efficient, effective and flexible means of adding hop aroma to beer. This is an exciting alternative to tradition dry hopping of beers and ales.

Pure hop aroma oils provide a totally hop derived dry hop aroma using 100% beer dispersible hop oil product, they are produced using sophisticated physical separation technologies developed in the U.K

Pure Hop Aroma Oils are provided as a liquid solution ready for dosing directly into finished beer.


Pure Hop Aroma Oils have many benefits over tradition dry hopping including:-


  • Consistent Performance. Aroma is not affected by the many variables associated with traditional hops used in dry hopping such as hop aging and essential oil content fluctuation due to changes in hop lots or harvest season.
  • Instant flavour impact. No waiting for slow hop oil infusion into beer necessary when dry hopping using traditional methods.
  • Simple, direct dosing of Pure Hop Aroma Oil is all that is necessary, whether it be in primary, secondary, cask or directly into the bottle.
  • Pure Hop Aroma Oils leave no residue to clean from brewing equipment or vessels.
  • Complete flexibility. Different varieties are available that can be dosed at different rates in the final steps of processing.


How are Pure Hop Aroma Oils used?


No complex calculations or method needed. The final dosing is up to the user but a rate of 1ml per 10l of beer is recommended as a starting point. Just use the supplied syringe to put the product directly into the chosen vessel. Leave the oil to dissipate for 24 hours before tasting

It is advised to experiment by adding varying amounts to a glass of cool water, this gives a good idea of the effect.

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