Rustic German Lager – KellerPils 50L

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, drinking fine German style lagers is a great thing anytime of the year. This recipe won’t disappoint if you’re fan of traditional German or modern craft lagers.

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After a trip to Bamberg in 2019 and tasting some mighty fine crisp lagers and the rise of fine UK lagers from breweries such as Donzoko, Braybrooke, Lost and Grounded I was determined to try and create my own crisp kellerpils. After many trial batches I think I have put together something that represents that traditional German classic Keller and these modern craft brewed pils.

This is a 50L batch size, perfect for larger brewing systems such as the G70 and Titan

Ingredients Included

Weyermann® Bohemian Pilsner Malt
Weyermann® Vienna Malt
Weyermann® Carapils®
Dingemans Biscuit Malt
Perle Pellets (47 grams)
Saaz Pellets (29 grams)
SafLager™ S-189 (5 packs)


Beer Style (main): German Ales
Beer Style (sub): Kellerbier or Zwickelbier Ale
Batch Size: 50L
Original Gravity: 1.051
Final Gravity: 1.013
ABV %: 5.0
IBU: 18

Temperature °C: Step mash
Length (mins): 120

Mash the malts at 52 °C for 10 minutes.
Raise the temperature to 63 °C and mash for 40 minutes.
Raise the temperature to 72 °C and mash for 20 minutes.
Start recirculating wort. Raise the temperature to 78 °C for 10 minutes to mash out.

Boil time (mins): 90 minutes

Additions and timing:

Perle hops (first wort hop) 16 g
Perle hops (80 min.) 29 g
Saaz hops (0 min.) 29g

Secondary additions and timing:


Yeast: S-189 x 5
Fermentation temperature/steps: 15c pitch the yeast, ferment until FG achieved – then cool wort to 2c for 5 weeks


You will need to be able to control fermentation temperature with this recipe.

Its recommended that you Adjust all brewing water to a pH of 5.5 using lactic acid. Depending on your base water you will possibly need to add 1 tsp. calcium chloride to the mash. But do your research.


Add your preferred finings towards end of boil, I use Irish Moss only combined with chilling and time.

Chill the wort to 15 °C, pitch the yeast, and ferment until final gravity (typically, two weeks). Cool to 2 °C and lager for five weeks at this temperature.

Rack the beer, prime and bottle condition, or keg and force carbonate.

NOTE: total grain bill is 12590g

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