Saint Mars of the Desert – A Right To Roam, Koelship IPA

Koelship IPA with Nectaron and Riwaka |  6.6%

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Koelship IPA with Nectaron and Riwaka. This is a very exciting beer for us as it’s a collaboration with Nick Hayes, Sunday Times Bestselling Author of The Book of Trespass, together with Jules Gray from Hop Hideout. The label is a woodcut by Nick, and there’s some writing on there about the project. This year marks the 90th Anniversary of the Kinder Mass Trespass, in which a bunch of young people went up Kinder Scout in breach of the landowners’ trespass laws. To commemorate the trespass, we’ve brewed a lovely hoppy soft IPA with knock out hops: Nectaron, Riwaka, and Nelson Sauvin. Nick will be doing a walk to launch the beer as part of the Sheffield Beer Week on March 11th.

The Brewery of Saint Mars of the Desert was inspired by the earliest “craft breweries” of Europe: that first generation making beers in disused 19th century breweries with a pioneering spirit, unmoving passion and an almost avant-garde creativity. We relocated from Boston, Massachusetts to the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire to make this dream a reality and haven’t looked back once.

As a very small two-and-a-half person brewery, making world class beers and sharing them fresh with the public is about all we have time for. But who needs more than that?

Dann Paquette began brewing professionally in 1992 and has worked in at least ten breweries in both the UK and Boston (New England) over those years. He witnessed the birth of a lot of what we call “craft beer” today firsthand and was arguably the first US craft brewer making sour wood-aged beers in the mid 1990’s.

Martha, a PhD microbiologist from North Yorkshire, has trained in brewing and has been working in breweries since 2008. Among many other duties, she runs the canning at SMOD.

Scarlet is the newest member to the SMOD brewing team. In addition to her duties in the brewery, she’s enrolled in the University of Nottingham’s Apprentice Brewing Program.

Our brewhouse is a 10 hectolitre system built by Moeschle UK in Germany and our annual production is just around 300 hectolitres. All of our beers pass through Yorkshire’s only coolship for hopping and settling, and are spunded during fermentation for a gentle and natural carbonation.

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