Simpsons Dark Aromatic Malt – Experimental

Simpsons Dark Aromatic – Brings a beautiful brown depth of colour, smells of toffo’s.

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Adjusts pH and improves body.

Beer Styles:
Ales, Mild, Porter and BockAles, Mild, Porter and Bock
Malt Flavour:
Malty, Honey, Toffee, Complex Sweetness with Sour After-Notes
Up to 10% Produces a Toffee Honey Flavour in Beer, Up to 20% gives Toffee Covered Raisin Notes, Up to 50% in Mild, Porters and Bocks Bocks enhances Malty/Fruity Notes

The secret weapon in the British Ale Brewer’s arsenal, our aromatic malt has a slightly higher acidity to balance pH. Its complex sweetness with sour after-notes gives a magnificent mouthfeel. This, combined with extra intense malty notes and raisin, makes our Aromatic Malt a versatile product that can be used from as little as 5% to give warm toffee/honey aromas and up to 50% as a base malt for Dark Beers to give raisin and plum notes. Brings a beautiful brown depth of colour.

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