Simpsons Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise®™

EBC 5.5,  Simpsons Golden Promise is a beautiful heritage variety chosen for its taste, diversity and processability. Loves hops!

EBC: 5.5
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EBC 5.5
Awesome low colour, high extract malt. For use in very light ales, lager and also for distilling.
Beer Styles: Pilsner, Amber and Dark Lagers, Belgian Tripel and Bock
Malt Flavour: Light Malty, Fresh
Usage: 100% for Pilsner, Up to 95% for Amber and Dark Lagers, Belgian Tripel and Bock

Finest Lager Malt is a superb low colour lager malt. Well modified, high extract UK spring two row barley give high enzymic activity, low colour, low nitrogen, and exceptional Brewhouse performance. It can be used to make any style of lager with its clean, light malty taste.

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HS Code 1107200000


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