Simpsons Malts Crystal Light

Awesome low colour, high extract malt. For use in very light ales, lager and also for distilling.

EBC: 100
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EBC 100
Simpsons Malts Crystal Light brings mild caramel and toffee flavours to beers, whilst contributing a beautiful golden hue. Its clean, mild sweetness brings depth of flavour where extra body is required, without adding overtly toasted or roasted characters.
Beer Styles: IPAs, Best Bitters, Brown Ales
Malt Flavour: Biscuit, Caramel, Dried Fruit (Apricots), Nutty

Usage: 5-15%

“Simpsons’ Crystal Light found its way into a number of our Pale Ales and IPAs. It imparts mild, balanced toffee flavours, and a beautiful golden colour without adding astringency or dominating the flavour profile of our beers. Chewing the malt reveals beautiful consistent glassy kernels, absent of burnt material and with wonderful caramel clean malty goodness throughout.”

— Matt Brynildson, Head Brewer, Firestone Walker Brewing Compa

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