Siren Craft - Shattered Dream Nitro - BB:05/01/2025

Siren Craft – Shattered Dream Nitro – BB:05/01/2025


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Scaled up version of our award-winning flagship stout – cacao nibs & vanilla make this beer more luxurious than the original. This version is nitrogenated

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Shattered Dream is the scaled up version of our award-winning flagship stout –

BROKEN DREAM. In addition to its imperial strength and generous espresso hit, we’ve also added cacao nibs and vanilla to make this beer even more luxurious than the much-loved original. This version is nitrogenated, meaning it pours thick and drinks smooth. An intensely indulgent and unctuous treat.




Imperial Breakfast Stout


Malted Barley, Oats




Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Lactose

Siren Craft Logo

Siren Craft Brew was born in 2013 with a simple idea in mind: to introduce exciting, full-flavoured and forward-thinking beers to as many people as possible.

There are now six Sirens of Siren Craft Brew. These Sirens characterise our flagship beers. They’re adventurous but drinkable, designed to be accessible to those lured into craft beer, yet flavourful enough for those seasoned beer fans to return to time and time again.

In addition, we have a prolific brewing schedule, with over 100 releases planned in 2019 alone. We are lucky enough to have been named the ‘Best Brewer in England’ by Ratebeer users in 2015, and added to that with a Supreme Champion Beer of Britain award by CAMRA this year in 2018.

Whether you fancy a fruity, hoppy pale ale on a hot sunny day or an unctuous, satisfying stout at the end of an evening – we’ve got you covered.

All beer from Indie Beer Fridge is individually selected from the finest breweries, we work closely with the breweries to bring you beer and brewing knowledge, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for exclusive content about many of the breweries we select.

All beer is cold stored to ensure you get the best quality beer delivered to you and so you get to enjoy the beer as the brewer intended.

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Country of Origin GB
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