SG Wines - Gold Pinot Grigio - 30 Bottle (23L) Wine Kit

SG Wines – Gold Pinot Grigio – 30 Bottle (23L) Wine Kit

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SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit makes a crisp, dry white wine with delicate fruit and floral notes.

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SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit makes a crisp, dry white wine with delicate fruit and floral notes.
Make this kit in 6 easy steps!
1. Clean and sanitise your equipment.
2. Mix your ingredients together.
3. Ferment for at least 5 days.
4. Clear the sediment from your wine.
5. Bottle.
6. Enjoy!
For full instructions, see inside your kit.
In addition to the kit, you will also require:
– Fermenter (30 L)
– Airlock & Grommet
– Carboy & Bored Bung / Secondary  Fermenter (minimum 6 gal / 23 L)
– Mixing Spoon
– Hydrometer
– Thermometer
– Syphon
– Cleaner & Steriliser
– *Sugar
– 30 x 750 ml wine bottles
– 30 corks & corker / screw caps
*This kit requires the addition of 3 kg of granulated sugar ( sucrose) or 3.3 kg of brewing sugar (dextrose) for fermentation.


– Grape Juice Concentrate Blend Pouch
– Wine Yeast Sachet
– Yeast Nutrient Sachet
– Acid Regulator Sachet
– Stabiliser Sachet
– Wine Finings A x 2
– Wine Finings B x 1
– Flavouring Add-Back

Makes: 30 Bottles/22.5 L

Approx ABV: 10.5%

Ingredients: Concentrate [white grape juice concentrate (sulphites), apple juice concentrate, invert sugar syrup, acid [citric acid], acidity regulator (sodium citrate), water, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium metabisulphite)]; Wine compound [white grape juice concentrate (sulphites), apple juice concentrate, flavouring, water, preservatives (sodium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate)]; Chitosan [water, acid (malic acid), chitosan (crustaceans), preservative (sodium metabisulphite)]; Nutrient [yeast nutrients, acidity regulator (sodium citrate), antifoaming agent, dextrose, enzyme (pectinase), vitamins, trace minerals]; Kieselsol [silica solution]; Yeast [dried yeast (yeast, emulsifier (E491))]; Yeast Stabiliser [preservatives (sodium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate)].

Allergens: Sulphites, crustaceans.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos about wine kits and you can also find equipment to make them here on our site

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Weight 2.5 kg
Country of Origin UK
HS Code 2009699080

1 review for SG Wines – Gold Pinot Grigio – 30 Bottle (23L) Wine Kit

  1. Derek Stoddart (verified owner)

    We have tried a fair number of different kits now and this is our favourite. We were seduced by the price at first but a little worried that ‘cheap’ = ‘rubbish’. However we thought we would give it a go anyway……

    When it arrived and we put it on to ferment we realised that this pack needs sugar adding (all the kits we had previously bought had sugar included). We just used normal cane sugar – apparently this ferments better than British sugar from Beet – and it turned out to be just as good as more expensive kits. My wife actually prefers this.

    We now use dextrose brewing sugar which if bought in lots of 10 x 1kg bags is quite reasonable. This gives a better overall flavour.

    The additional sugar means the kits are not as cheap as they first appear but are still cheaper – and an awful lot cheaper than buying 30 bottles from the supermarket!

    One last thing – you will need perfect conditions to turn this around in a week. We give ours a week to ferment even if it appears to have finished earlier. We then add fining, agitate and so on as instructed then leave to settle fir a further week. Rather have lovely clear wine than rush things and buy ourselves a couple of days.

    I would definitely recommend this product.

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