Ss Brewtech eBrewing 1V System 10 Gal

10 Gal eKettle, controller and jacket included.

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Designing every piece of our electric brewing equipment from scratch has enabled Ss Brewtech to introduce a new level of process control, flexibility, and performance.  Every detail has been carefully thought through and refined.

eController | 1V and eKettle 10 Gal included

Beginning with control, the eControllers include a fully proportional PID output, which doesn’t rely on SSR’s or high speed switching to modulate heat.  Instead, voltage is modulated, this means element wattage is proportional, and can be fine-tuned from 0-100% for holding temps steady during a mash rest, or dialing in a perfect rolling boil.  The eController quickly finds equilibrium with environmental heat loss characteristics, and can maintain a high degree of accuracy.

Next, they thought about the best way to maintain a high level of flexibility.  One such method was using a common interconnect throughout their line of eControllers and eKettles, in an attempt to minimise proprietary connectors, and leverage trusted UL approved connector types.  The modularity of our eBrewing system allows a user to splice an HLT or Boil Kettle into their system for instance, without having to purchase an entirely new 3 vessel brewhouse.

In addition, flexibility is realised through the use of a custom-designed element and eKettle element port, which allows for easy removal of the element for cleaning.  In addition, they didn’t settle for a common, off the shelf straight or ripple element.  Instead, they designed a low watt density halo element, specifically sized to the corresponding kettle volume.  This design is better suited to distributing heat evenly throughout the kettle, in addition to fostering an effective whirlpool and trub cone formation.  Crafted from Incoloy 800 alloy, the element carries a higher resistance to heat and oxidation than standard stainless.

As this is the EU version it differers slightly than the type sold in the US. This unit can be plugged into a standard 3 pin UK type or Schuko if sending into Europe, the correct cable is supplied for the shipping destination. The unit is rated at 230v 2650w. It includes one accessory C13 plug which is rated at 5w. This can be used to power a pump, charge a phone etc.

Another trick part of the design is the use of a PT100 temperature probe integrated to the heating element meaning no separate thermowell is required. If the use of the probe is required in a different vessel a PT100 probe is included.
Included in the kit:-
Controller 1v
Kettle with Element
Silicone Matt
Custom Neoprene Jacket for Kettle
  • All 304 Stainless eKettle with Fully welded TC Fittings
  • 1.5″ TC ball valve port with trub dam
  • 1.5″ TC accessory port
  • 2″ TC element port with proprietary element locknut system
  • 2650 Watt Halo Heating Element Integrated PT100 temperature probe
  • L6-30 connector molded into element base
  • Anodised aluminium controller housing Omron PID controller with Proportional Control
  • Auto and Manual mode switching
  • 1 x 5w Accessory C13 socket
C13 Accessory Socket
Detachable PT100 Probe

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Weight 30 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 7310100000


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