The Eyeballs in the Sky – Low alcohol 0.5% ABV

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This is a Community Recipe created by yonder-firkinery

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Ingredients Included

Crisp Caramalt (400 grams)
Crisp Crystal Malt (150 grams)
Crisp Extra Dark Crystal Malt (300 grams)
Crisp Amber Malt (100 grams)
Crisp Pale Wheat Malt (150 grams)
Thomas Fawcett – Crystal Rye Malt (300 grams)
Crisp Chocolate Malt (150 grams)
Crisp Dark Munich Malt (300 grams)

Amarillo Pellets (89 grams)
Simcoe Pellets (40 grams)
Centennial Pellets (66 grams)
Cascade Pellets (63 grams)
Ahtanum Pellets (38 grams)
Columbus Pellets (38 grams)
Target Pellets (14 grams)
Savinjski Goldings Pellets (50 grams)
Bramling Cross Pellets (50 grams)
First Gold Pellets (40 grams)
Hallertauer Mittlefruh Pellets (50 grams)

NBS Ale Yeast 12g (2 packs)


Beer Style (main): Hybrid/Mixed
Beer Style (sub): Session Beer
Batch Size: 45L
Original Gravity: 1.010
Final Gravity: 1.070
ABV %: 0.5
IBU: 42

Temperature °C: 58
Length (mins): 80
Out temp °C: 55
Out time (mins): 85

Boil time (mins): 70

Additions and timing:

10mins rolling boil then at:
Amarillo 14.0g
Simcoe 6.0g
Centennial 8.0g
Target 7.0g
First Gold 6g

At 15 mins add seaweed (Irish moss) – not included.

at 10.0 mins
Amarillo 14.0g
Simcoe 3.0g
Centennial 8.0g
Target 7.0g
First Gold 3.0g

At un-woof (Flame out) 0.0mins
Amarillo 11.0g
Simcoe 6.0g
Cascade 13.0g
Ahtumn 13.0g
First Gold 6.0g
Savinjski Goldings 13.0g
Hallertauer Mittlefruh 25.0g

Secondary additions and timing:

Dry Hop at 4 days
Centennial 50.0g
Cascade 50.0g
Ahtanum 25.0g
Simcoe 25.0g
Columbus 38.0g
Amarillo 50.0g
Savinjski Goldings 37.0g
Hallertauer Mittlefruh 25.0g
First Gold 25.0g
Bramling Cross 50.0g

Remove hops and Keg at 12days (3x15L)
Carbonate 2.5vol
Add 1ml per 10 litres of Citra & Nelson S hop oil at 22days

Yeast: NBS Ale yeast 2 x 12g hydrate at first runnings
Fermentation temperature/steps: 21 C


Used Brewdog Nanny State model. However employed ‘darker’ malts for a little more ‘character’ (total grain bill is only 1.85kg for 45l!). EBC 36 quite a dark ‘ale’. Hopped to excess then some more and more etc. Keeps you guessing to the bottom of the glass! You can drink many…

First Gold / Bramling X originally added as green hops
‘Light water’
Calcium 143
Magnesium 5.4
Sulphate 66
Chloride 61
Sodium 11
HCO3 14

maybe adjust Sulphate Chloride ratio next time to perk bitterness?

Additional information

Weight 2.414 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853


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