TMM Concentrated Yeast Vit - 50g

TMM Concentrated Yeast Vit – 50g


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Yeast nutrient provides minerals essential to the fermentation process.

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Yeast Vit is a blended yeast nutrient so comprehensive it can be used with even the most nutritionally deficient worts.


Yeast Vit is supplied as a free flowing pale brown to yellow crystalline powder, which is a formulated blend of organic salts, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements along with an approved organic source of nitrogen. Yeast Vit is designed to ensure correction of nutrient deficiencies in wort.

It reduces fermentation time and improves sedimentation.


  • Improves rate of yeast growth.
  • Prevents slow fermentations
  • Useful in low nitrogen worts
  • Concentrated in powder product, economical in use



Brewers yeast needs readily used sources of vitamins and trace elements. Deficiencies of such components can cause the following symptoms:

  • Long lag phase
  • High pH
  • Sticking fermentations
  • Poor finings


The product can be mixed into the yeast slurry about 30 minutes before pitching into the wort, or alternatively mixed with a small volume of wort and added to the fermenter. It can also be added to the kettle at the end of the boil.

Dosage Rate

Use 0.05g per litre.
19Ltr Batch = 0.95g
23ltr batch= 1.15g
Use 0 – 100g @ 0.01g digital scales to weigh out.

Storage and shelf life

    • Store in cool conditions away from direct sunlight
    • Keep in original container
    • Keep containers sealed when not in use
    • Maximum storage temperature is 25°C

Additional information

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