TMM Toasted Malted Oats Flakes

Toasted Malted Oats Flakes, perfect for bringing a small amount of biscuit nuttiness whilst adding smooth creamy mouthfeel to your brew.

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Malts are sold by the gram in 50g multiples.  There is no minimum order, but please note a bagging charge will be applied for quantities weighing less than 1000g.  When ordering, please enter the number of grams you would like (e.g. 1kg = 1000g).

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Working with one of the UK’s producers of oat based products we have sourced a wider range of products for use during brewing.

Toasted malted oat flakes bring the expect velvety creamy mouthfeel to your beer as you would expect from the use of oats, but also thanks for the toasting these flakes also bring a pleasant slight nuttiness thanks for the the toasting of them, which helps to deliver a slight nutty biscuit flavour to your beer depending on the ratio of use. These are also one of the most popular products in the milling room due just how tasty they are to eat.

There is no need to crush this product as they are mashed whole.

Its is recommended to add an amount of oat husks to your grain bill to allow for better flow and prevent the risk of a stuck sparge.

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