Two Hearted IPA. Premium extract

Two Hearted IPA. Premium extract

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This is a Community Recipe created by npsavage

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Ingredients Included

Crisp Caramalt (230 grams)
Centennial Pellets (170 grams)
WLP4040 Midwestern Ale Yeast  (1 packs)
Spray Dried Malt Extract – Maris Otter Light – 3kg (1 packs)
Spray Dried Malt Extract – Maris Otter Light -1kg (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style India Pale Ale
Batch Size: 19 litre
Original Gravity: 1066
Final Gravity: 1012
ABV %: 7

Temperature °C: 71
Length (mins): 20
Out temp °C:
Out time (mins):

Boil time (mins): 45

Additions and timing:

Place crushed grains in the hop sock provided and steep in 4L of water at 71 °C for 20 minutes in your brew pot.
Remove the grains and fill up your kettle to 13 L of water.
Bring to a boil and then remove kettle from heat and add malt extracts. Stir until dissolved and return kettle to heat and boil for 45 minutes. Add hops as follows:
45 min – 35g Centennial
30 min – 35g Centennial

Secondary additions and timing:

When the boil is complete, chill the wort to 20–23 °C. Fill your sanitised fermenter with 8 L of cold water and transfer chilled wort to fermenter.
Top the fermenter up to 21 L with cold water.

Aerate wort and add yeast.

Place your fermenter in a temperature-stable place that is in the 20–23 °C range.

On day five of fermentation, add the 100g Centennial dry hop addition either directly into the fermenter or by transferring beer on top of dry hops in a secondary fermenter.

Yeast: WLP4040 Midwestern Ale Yeast
Fermentation temperature/steps: 20-23C


For this mini-mash recipe you require 3.615 kg of Maris Otter Light DME for this recipe. Use 115g for the yeast starter and 3.5kg in the recipe.

Additional information

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