Used refurbished 9 litre Stainless Keg

Cleaned, machine polished and had the O-rings replaced

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These are grade 1 refurbished 9 litre stainless steel ball lock kegs.

They have been cleaned, machine polished and had the O-rings replaced on the lid, PRV, liquid and gas dip tubes along with 2 on each post. They also have two spare post O rings.

They have not been welded as a means of repair.

The lids are all stainless steel premium brands ( AEB / SAFER / CORNELIUS ) and feature a stainless PRV

Being made out of stainless steel makes these kegs extremely durable.

All kegs are sent out pressurised.  They show very little sign of wear and tear, some have very small dents. The rubber tops and bottoms are in great shape and do not leave black marks save from the initial metal cleaning residue.

Made in Europe by AEB / SAFER / CORNELIUS

Height – 34cm  Width – 23cm

O rings replaced plus spares. Lids are stainless steel with PRV
Rubber bases and tops are in great condition and do not leave black marks
Some small dents are acceptable but nothing that compromises use.


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