Water Soluble CBD - 1000MG / 10% CBD 10ML

Water Soluble CBD – 1000MG / 10% CBD 10ML


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Our soluble CBD is perfect to add to any food or beverage.

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Whilst CBD has been available in within an oil format for some time, water soluble CBD is a newer product that is easier to use and far more readily absorbed by the body. This makes it more effective and super easy to use adding to any food or drink product.

Our friends at Cannabrew call it ” A natural way to unwind “

Our soluble CBD is packaged at 10ml and contains 10% CBD meaning one bottle contains 1000mg. Whilst there are no dosage rates as such it is recommended that a daily intake of 70mg is not exceeded.

Dosing rates into Beer:-

10g into 23 litres gives 15mg of Soluable CBD per 330ml. Add into beer at packaging stage.

Our Water Soluble CBD has been rigorously tested as can be seen in the date sheets below. It contains no THC which is the psychoactive agent in the Cannabis plant that give a high.

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