ZAG – Alcohol Free Drink – Kombucha, Green Tea, Citrus, Mint

Who said booze-free had to be boring?!

Zag is the new, great-tasting and distinctive, alcohol-free drink for adults

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You might wonder why we are offering something that isn’t beer? Or something without alcohol? As much as you might not believe us we aren’t drinking beer every minute of every day.

We are always looking for alternatives to enjoy on those days where you want to take a break from alcohol, but also enjoy a really nice refreshing drink that is a little different to the usual. As regular drinkers of teas, coffee, and kombucha we were blown away when we discovered ZAG at a beer festival in London. Even amongst all the beers and the low ABV drinks we tried that day this one drink stood out as the highlight of the day, so much so we had to seek it out and help get into your glasses.

ZAG is something totally different, its not a beer, its not a tea, it is citrusy and refreshing, its great to help you wind down and recover after hard day work or a session in the gym, and its especially good if you want to get over the night before. It has a grown up thing about it unlike any soft drink, you can enjoy it without feeling like you are missing out. All of this with the added bonus of being independently produced and owned

  • 330ml cans
  • 43 kcal
  • Low sugar
  • Vegan
  • No artificial sweeteners

Kombucha | Botanicals | Green Tea | Citrus | Mint

ZAG is new and very different – a distinct, refreshing, adult long drink crafted from a unique blend of kombucha, green tea, lemon, lime, mint and natural flavourings; like nothing you’ve ever tasted before!

Although ZAG might look like a beer, the similarities end there. ZAG has a unique recipe and taste and is both alcohol-free and low sugar – for social drinking without compromise.

Find your freedom in a can 🤘



NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Water, kombucha (water, sugar, dextrose, tea, kombucha cultures), partly decoloured apple juice concentrate, barley malt extract, carbon dioxide, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavourings, lime juice concentrate, green tea, caramel sugar syrup, acidifier citric acid, stabiliser pectin, iso hop extract, antioxidant ascorbic acid.
For allergens see ingredients in bold.


Founded by drinks duo Fraser and Jerry, and quickly joined by Bonnie (who was sold after 1 sip and wanted in on the action!), ZAG was designed to give freedom of choice to those looking for exciting alternatives to alcohol-free beer and soft drinks at the bar.

The Problem:

Whilst there is an element of social pressure around letting your hair down and having a drink when you’re out, we found that actually, the biggest challenge for us when not drinking (or cutting back), was that we just didn’t enjoy the alcohol-free drinks on offer.

There were hundreds of alcohol-free beers but none tasted anything like a real beer, and there were PLENTY of soft drinks packed full of sugar, leaving nothing but furry teeth and sugar crashes in their wake!

Why did reducing alcohol mean sacrificing taste or health? Why were all the new alcohol-free drinks on the menu just poor imitations of existing alcoholic drinks? Something HAD to change.

It’s impossible to match the taste of beer without alcohol. Surely there could be a better solution – a drink that has the benefits of beer; a long, refreshing drink that’s not too sweet and can be drunk in quantity. One that doesn’t attempt to replicate the taste of beer. Instead, a new drink that has its own unique flavour.

And that’s where ZAG joins the party 🥳

The Solution: 

This solution didn’t exist, so we decided to create it. With the odds stacked against us we started our own drinks company (I’m Still Standing Brewing Co.) to take on the big guys… with something genuinely different.

The result was an incredibly distinctive new alcohol-free drink. It was completely different to anything the big producers were offering: unbelievably refreshing, not too sweet (unlike fizzy, soft drinks designed for kids) and very, very tasty (far from those unpleasant alcohol-free beers).

Our new creation was also healthy, with interesting ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, low in calories and with a flavour like no other. And, new for 2022, we reformulated further to ensure ZAG would be officially low sugar too.

Hundreds of new drinks arrive every year, but they’re all variations on what’s already out there. While everyone else was Zigging, we wanted to Zag. So we launched… ZAG.

Now we can enjoy social drinking without alcohol  – then be up at dawn, hangover free for our next adventure!

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