What makes us different?

After home brewing for a couple of years proprietor Robert Neale became disillusioned with the poor quality of ingredients and equipment available to the home brewer.  Robert set out to find only the very best ingredients and bespoke equipment available and The Malt Miller was born.

Quality and freshness is at the very heart of the business, we don’t just source the very best available we also store and prepare our ingredients so they arrive with the customer in peak condition.


  • Hops are stored at a maximum of 5c in a bespoke air-conditioned facility.
  • Nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed in thick foil bags.
  • Hops are labelled with Alpha content, harvest year, batch number and best before date.
  • In excess of 60 varieties from all over the world available in pellet and whole leaf.


  • Malt is bought in whole
  • Malt is crushed only on the day of dispatch and is supplied in thick heat sealed poly bags.
  • Malts are labelled with variety, order number and crushed on date.
  • All varieties available whole or crushed.
  • Fine to course crush available by request.
  • In excess of 75 malt varieties available.


  • Huge range of dry yeast from multiple manufacturers.
  • Liquid yeast stored in commercial fridges, sent with ice packs if customer wishes.
  • Wet yeast imported from the US every fortnight.
  • Best before dates are on each yeast description so the customer knows exactly what they are buying.

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Unit A2 Faraday Road,
Dorcan Swindon,

Company registration number: 0781962