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Meet The Malt Miller Team

The Malt Miller was established in 2010 by Rob Neale, driven by his discovery of the joy of homebrewing beer. Rob’s passion for brewing the best beer at home and sourcing the finest ingredients directly from suppliers led to the founding of the business. This passion for freshness and high-quality ingredients, along with a commitment to serving the creative and enthusiastic homebrewing community, are the cornerstones of the business today. We continuously seek out the best items to stock, provide insightful and educational content, and ensure timely delivery of orders. As a business that prioritises people—both customers and team members—we want to give you a little insight into the awesome people behind each and every order you place.

Be sure to check out our awesome YouTube Channel where the team from The Malt Miller take you though a vast amount of information from how to videos, brewing insights, equipment reviews and collaborations with some of the UK’s finest Craft Breweries.

You can also keep up with everything we’re doing here over on Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter)!

Have A Great Brew! 🍻

Senior Leadership

Rob Neale – Founder, Managing Director

Passionate, driven, and fun! Rob keeps the business moving in the right direction and is the main force for change and innovation here at The Malt Miller. He loves to play with pens, equipment, and machinery but also has a very deep desire to keep giving back to our community of amazing home brewers here in the UK and wider. He also has the ability to generate some of the most bizarre noises uttered by a human. Outside of work, Rob loves anything with an engine, barbecuing, tennis and of course his family.


Jo Neale – Co-Owner, Director

Our driver and organiser here in the team, Jo is always keeping one eye on the future and helping everyone here achieve the goals we have whilst getting stuff done. A natural born organiser with an eye on the details and the ability to get to the root of the matter in a heart beat! A lover of Gin and Gluten-Free Beer, away from work Jo has a keen interest in horses, being outside and Emergency Service Vehicles (don’t ask…). But alongside Rob, their main passion is for their two wonderful children.


Martin Rake – General Manager

Stalwart and focused, Rakey will always be a significant figure here at The Malt Miller, a massively keen and experimental home brewer who has helped bring significant enhancements to the customer experience and logistical side of the business. Away from TMM, you’ll find him regularly sampling beers from all corners of the globe, traveling with his wonderful wife Jo, seeking out amazing restaurants to try, having a cuddle with his beloved Whinnie (Cockerpoo) and of course barbecuing and cooking… oh and occasionally watching Villa win something with a ball…


James Stiff – Operations & Marketing Manager

The wearer of many hats here at The Malt Miller, and we’re not just referring to his vast collection of caps. An avid homebrewer, who loves nothing better than to smash out hazy hop bombs or creating new recipes to brew, both for himself and for all of our customers. You’ll regularly see James (Stiffo) at events with a camera in his hand or buzzing a crowd with our drone. When he isn’t behind or in front of the camera, Stiffo is also our HR guru and looks after the warehouse operations helping the warehouse team to get your orders out. When not at work James is a dab hand at DIY, an awesome cook in the kitchen or over the BBQ, and loves taking his whippet Griffin for walks to the pub with his wife Laura and his two girls.


Warehouse Team

Dave Jones 

Dave (Jonesy) is the brains behind our warehouse, keeping everything in stock and working tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure we have as much of your much-loved ingredients and equipment on hand!  Plus keeping them all organised on the shelves. He’s always keen to help everyone out with things they need some assistance with and takes pride in knowing all the SQU numbers off by heart! Away from work, Jonsey is a keen cyclist, Dad, and Grandad with a passion for ice hockey, you’ll regularly find him at all of the Swindon Wildcats home games!


Tink Hanger

Our antipodean all-round hero! Tink drives the team to get all our orders processed and out of the door every day so you can all be ready to brew when you need to. Always keen to try new things and innovations at work as well as work with the team to improve their knowledge of processes and systems. With a flare for the theatrics, he will regularly have the team in stitches. He also has an unhealthy knowledge of what can be done with a cardboard box….


Martin Hearn

Our senior warehouse operative, Martin is both a master on the forklift but also at picking orders. Second only to Jonsey in his knowledge of SQU codes and stock locations! We also call him the human jukebox, with his insane ability to retain lyrics… we do have to tell him to knock it off during filming, as we don’t want any copyright strikes on YouTube due to his rendition of Candle In The Wind… At home, he’s a devoted husband, Dad and Grandfather with a keen passion for Golf!


Tom Waters

Our newest team member, Tom is the brawn in the warehouse! With a background in personal training, he loves lifting malt sacks around and getting in those KG’s! He’s been busy learning the ropes here and breaking records with his ability to pack orders in double time! A great new addition to our team here who we’re super happy to have join us!


Milling Team

Jim Dolphin 

Jim’s the guy at the heart of the most important area in the business, our milling room. Working alongside the others in the team to crush literally tons of malt every week to your precise standards! He works alongside Tink and Jonsey to ensure we have all the malt you need and that we process as much of that malt as possible each and every day! Away from work, Jim loves Music, DJ’ing, Metal Detecting, and being a Dad to his awesome family plus helping his Wife homebrew wine kits all the time!


Ian Webb

Our longest-serving team member, Ian has been with The Malt Miller for over ten years, after what was meant to be a few weeks’ temporary work! Whilst he spends most o this time milling, he’s also great at re-packing ingredients and is a master of the tape gun when it comes to packing customer orders! He has a background in farming and farm machinery which makes him an asset when it comes to sorting out issues when something goes wrong! He knows the malts we stock as if they were family and where to find them in the milling room! He’s also a dab hand at Bowls, Cribb, and Skittles! He also enjoys a drop of Whisky and underneath the surface, he’s got a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone.


Hops and Ingredients

Paul Dixon

Another multi-talented team player, Paul joined the business 2 years ago and has pushed himself to learn many areas of what we do. He is now spending lots of time learning all about wonderful hops!! He’s responsible for making sure we have everything you need in the right packets and to the right standards, plus he is a dab hand at packing liquid hop products!! Away from work, Paul’s firstly a devoted Dad but also loves beer, music, and mountain biking!


Angela Brown

A ray of sunshine in the mornings, Ange is always keen to make us smile. Whilst telling it like it is, she’s also a great teacher and helps others learn and grow, especially when we have new team members join the business. Her current role involves supporting with hops, mainly preparing all the hops each day for your recipe kits but also repacking bulk hops for you all. Outside of work, Ange loves her horse, husband, sons and grandchildren (not necessarily in that order)


Edyta Maruszyj

Another new addition to the team here at The Malt Miller, Edyta is a powerhouse of productivity! Working to repackage all your lovely ingredients and other additions and chemicals, Edyta has quickly proven to be a massive asset to the team here at The Malt Miller. Away from work, she also runs her own bespoke printing business and has two sons! Her and her husband enjoy traveling and visiting distilleries (her husband loves Whiskey!!)


Customer Service

Nic Firth 

One of the most experienced home brewers working here at The Malt Miller, Nic has spent many years building up his knowledge of brewing, plus he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Brewtools range! He also runs some of our brew school experience days so many of you may well have had the pleasure of meeting him! He’s always working on how we can best meet customers’ needs, resolve issues you may have had with delivery or assist in passing on his knowledge so you can brew your best! In his personal time, Nic is a keen photographer, cyclist, and food lover!


Mark Nelson 

Mark is our most experienced home brewer in the business! Starting out with making wine from tea, Mark is now always trying new recipes and ingredients to enjoy at home but also pass on to you. Along with Nic, Mark runs some of our Brew School Experience days but more than that, Mark is somewhat of a Swiss Army knife here at The Malt Miller, he regularly helps out in the Milling of Malt, Packing or Orders, and anything we might need assistance with! Out of work, Mark is a keen darts player, chef, chilli grower, and lover of live music!



Laura Ness

Along with Jo, Laura keeps things in order here at The Malt Miller! By that we mean keeping all the accounts in great order and supporting with some of the weekly admin that goes into the business. With both a wicked sense of humour and a deep passion for both photography and horses, Laura’s always busy! You can check out her photography here and even commission her for some work!

What makes us different?

After homebrewing for a couple of years, proprietor Robert Neale became disillusioned with the poor quality of ingredients and equipment available to the home brewer.  Rob set out to find only the very best ingredients and bespoke equipment available with a vision to then sell those quality ingredients to other home-brewers at an affordable price.

Quality and freshness is at the very heart of the business.  We don’t just source the very best available – we also store and prepare our ingredients so they arrive at your door in peak condition.

We ship throughout the UK and offer next-day and Saturday delivery, together with free delivery for orders over £65.  We also ship across Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. See our delivery costs.


  • Hops are stored at a maximum of 5°c in a bespoke cold storage facility.
  • Nitrogen flushed and packed in UV protective foil bags.
  • Hops are labelled with Alpha content, harvest year, batch number and best before date.
  • In excess of 80 varieties from all over the world available in pellet and whole leaf.


  • Malt is bought in whole
  • Malt is crushed only on the day of dispatch and is supplied in thick heat sealed poly bags.
  • Malts are labelled with variety, order number and crushed on date.
  • All varieties available whole or crushed.
  • Fine to course crush available by request.
  • In excess of 160 malt varieties available.


  • Huge range of over 400 yeast strains from multiple manufacturers.
  • Liquid yeast stored in commercial fridges, all sent with ice packs to ensure they arrive cool.
  • Wet yeast imported from the US every week.
  • Best before dates are on each yeast description so the customer knows exactly what they are buying.


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