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escarpment - The Malt Miller - Page 2

Thoughts, musings and general opinions on most things, some even related to brewing!

Escarpment Lærdal Kveik BB:

22nd April 2021

A rare combination of diastatic and flocculent, making it a Saison yeast that is easy to crop and repitch. Expressive fruitiness but low banana ester.

Escarpment Brett B BB:

22nd April 2021

A classic Brettanomyces bruxellensis strain, isolated from a classic abbey beer, is typically used in secondary fermentations where balanced Brett character (fruit, funk) is desired.

Escarpment Premium Pils BB:

19th August 2020

Premium Pils emerged as the fastest lager strain (at 15ºC). Premium Pils is a Czech-derived lager strain with high fermentation rate and clean flavours.

Escarpment Fruit Bomb Saison Blend BB:

19th August 2020

This wild Ontario ale yeast was isolated from an apple in a local orchard. Wild Thing produces distinct clove, spice, and subtle banana and apple fruit aroma. The taste is dry, spicy and clean.

Escarpment Vermont BB:

19th August 2020

This high-character American ale yeast produces hop-accentuating fruity esters, accentuating stone fruit and citrus character, accompanied by a smooth body. This yeast is quite popular for fruity, hazy-style IPAs.

Escarpment Saison Maison BB:

19th August 2020

This is a non-diastatic yeast isolated from a Belgian Saison. This is quite unique in the saison yeast world, as most saison yeasts contain the STA1 glucoamylase gene, resulting in extremely dry beers. This yeast is suitable for breweries who want to produce authentic Saisons but who are put off by the risk of diastatic yeasts.

Escarpment KRISPY (Kveik) Blend BB:

19th August 2020

KRISPY is a special blend of kveik yeasts selected by our lab wizards for optimal crispiness and crushability in beer. It can be used to make clean, lager-like beers in a fraction of the time since fermentations can be performed in the 20-30ºC range.

Escarpment Hornindal Kveik Blend BB:

19th August 2020

This is a selection of two of our favourite strains from Terje Raftevold’s Hornindal Kveik. The blend shows mixed fruity character. This versatile yeast can be pitched cooler to yield a more neutral, lager-like profile as well

Escarpment Foggy London Ale BB:

19th August 2020

This yeast strain was originally isolated from a brewery in London. It displays a balanced fruity flavour profile, and accentuates malt and hop flavours. It is especially suited to production of fruity, hazy IPAs.

Escarpment Brett D BB:

19th August 2020

This strain of Brettanomyces bruxellensis is noted for very prominent pineapple esters alongside a good dose of funk. It is suitable for primary fermentation of 100% Brett beers or secondary fermentation where some extra fruit and funk is desired.

Escarpment Biergarten Lager BB:

19th August 2020

A lager strain sourced from a venerable Munich brewery, this strain offers low diacetyl production and a crisp flavour profile highly suited for German Pils, Helles, Festbier or other Munich-style lagers.


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