10 gal | Ss Brite Tank

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Yet another in an ever-growing line up of inventive new brewing products


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10 US Gal Capacity (not including head space)

304 Stainless Steel construction

Clarify and carbonate your beer!

15 psi Operating Pressure

Pro brewing dished bottom design

Custom Ss short handled butterfly valve

Sampling valve

Carbonation stone


Sight tube (engineering sample fittings shown)

Exterior etched volume markings

LCD temperature display

6″ Tri-Clamp lid / clamp

Pressure gauge and 90 degree elbow

Pressure relief valve (PRV)

Adjustable feet


Yet another in an ever-growing line up of inventive new brewing products – now introducing the world’s first home brewing sized 10 US gallon brite tank! This thing is loaded with features including a pro brewing style dished bottom, a 15 psi operating pressure, carbonation stone, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, sight tube, etched volume markings, thermowell, sampling valve, custom short handled butterfly valve, adjustable feet, 6″ tri clamp lid / clamp, and LCD temperature display. Put this in a fridge or cooler and clear beer is waiting for you on the other side! If you want to go bar or counter top, then check out our optional chilling kit over in the Temp Control section of our store. Just some of the reasons brewers like to use brite tanks include: cuts carbonation time down significantly (compared to corny kegs), allows for proper burst carbing and head pressure monitoring, allow for bulk conditioning/ageing, has large centre drain instead of a dip tube (yeast doesn’t get drawn into serving line), has a larger bottom surface area for yeast to settle, can be used as a Firkin, easier to clean (TC CIP), legs / casters (easier to move around), can serve from a counter top (with a chiller), and ability to transfer beer from your fermenter from the bottom up (reduces oxidation risk)


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