Brewtools- Starter Pack 2 – Valve Set Up

Ideal accessories for the B40pro and B80pro brewing systems

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This is the recommended accessories to get you started the Brewtools system.

The package includes an efficient counterflow cooler, an extra 3-way valve to make you able to choose if you return the cooled wort to the tank creating a whirlpool or pump directly to the fermenter. A third sensor gives you exact measurements of the wort returning from cooling. The necessary fittings and accessories are also included.

You may also want a third 3-way valve so you don’t have to disconnect anything when cleaning your system after a brew-day. You simply install the third 3-way valve on the lower outlet to give you the option to pump or drain the tank to the cooler or to a bucket or directly to the drain.

The accessory pack contains:-

Dip tube, short model.
Using O-rings, you can adjust the angle of the dip tube. Fits the flange in both sides of the B40pro and B80pro.

Counterflow Cooler Pro
The Pro Counterflow Cooler designed for our pro systems is an effective and flexible cooler that is easy to clean.
The cooler has 4 34mm TC-ports for connecting hose barbs or other fittings. Manufactured in high quality SS304.

Inline sensor with adapter
Inline sensor with 34mm TC adapter to 19mm hose barb.
Used to measure the temperature of the wort returning from the cooler.
We recommend using with a 3-way valve on the left port of the brewing system.

Silicone tube 16x25mm, clear, 3 meters
High quality transparent silicone tube
Inside diameter: 16mm
Outside diameter: 25mm
Food grade

3-way valve, 34mm TC
Our valves are used to customise the system. All the valves have a T-type ball, which makes it close only the port opposite of the handle direction.
All the ports on the valve are 34mm TC and they are made from high quality stainless steel (SS304).

Clamp, TC 34mm x 6
Tri-Clamps are used to hold the fittings together using a gasket between the parts.
All our fittings are made from high quality SS304 steel.

TC 34mm gasket, 5-pack x 2
5 pcs gaskets for our 34mm TC fittings.

TC 34mm to 12mm hose barb x 2
Tri-Clamp 34mm to 12mm hosebarb.
Fits most garden hoses etc.

TC 34mm to 19mm hose barb
Tri-Clamp 34mm to 19mm hose barb.
Fits our 16x25mm silicone tube perfectly.

O-rings, 18x2mm for dip tube
5 O-rings in Viton material. For use with the dip tubes.
Viton is a fluorpolymer based material which is very tough and can withstand most chemicals.

Trisodium phosphate, 100g
TSP – Trisodium phosphate is a cleaning agent that works well in removing polishing oils and other residues from the production of steel products.
Dosage: 5-10g/liter water. Leave for 30-60 minutes. Use protective gloves and a cloth or a sponge that doesn’t scratch. Clean all surfaces thoroughly. Drain and repeat with water.

Dip Tube Short
Counterflow Cooler Pro
Inline sensor with adapter
Silicone tube 16x25mm, clear
3-way valve, 34mm TC
Clamp, TC 34mm
TC 34mm to 19mm hose barb
Trisodium phosphate, 100g

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