Brewtools – Steam Condenser Assembly

This unit is an excellent alternative to a ventilation system.

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The Brewtools steam condenser fits the steam hats and uses cold water to cool the steam until it becomes a liquid that runs out of the condenser to a bucket or directly to the drain. The unit is an excellent alternative to a ventilation system.
The unit ships with a nozzle that supplies 1.1 liters of water per minute at 4 bar pressure. We also offer other nozzles that offers higher or lower flow depending on the water pressure where the system is used and other factors (sold separately).

Included in the box:

– TC 4″ to TC 2″ adapter (1 pcs)
– 20cm straight TC 2″ pipe (2 pcs)
– TC 2″ Tee (1 pcs)
– TC 2″ Elbow (1 pcs)
– TC 2″ 1/8″ nozzle adapter with TC34mm input (1 pcs)
– TC 2″ to 19mm hose barb adapter (1 pcs)
– TC 2″ Clamp (6 pcs)
– TC 2″ Gasket (6 pcs)
– 1/8″ BSP-T nozzle, 30 degrees, 1.1 liters per minute @ 4 bar (1 pcs)

You also need:

Steam hat for your system
TC 4″ Clamp and gasket
– Water inlet adapter (TC34mm to hose or garden connector etc)
– Outlet tube (16x25mm)
A TC34mm elbow is recommended for the water inlet

Please take not that you need much less power to keep the boil going with this device, and the risk of the wort boiling over is high when too much power is used, so make sure to take the necessary precautions. To sustain the vacuum, the drain tube from the condenser must not have any counterpressure. We recommend draining to a bucket where the tube is not submerged in the water, or suspend the tube directly over a floor drain.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Country of Origin CN
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