Complete Premium Four Tap Keezer Kit – New AEB 23L Kegs

Everything you need to convert a freezer into a fully kitted keezer, featuring Perlic Flow Control Taps and 23l New AEB kegs

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This kit has everything you need to convert a freezer into a fully kitted keezer. All you need to add is the freezer, make any design modifications to accommodate the kegs, a CO2 bottle, and your beer!

We’ve designed this kit so it’s easy to set up for those that are new to kegs, and with quality in mind rather than skimping, so you’ll be pouring perfect pints in no time.

We have also included a secondary regulator for each keg so you can adjust the pressure to each individual keg depending on your beer style and preference. This really is the complete set up for the ultimate home dispense solution.

This kit contains:


4 x Premium AEB 23 Litre New Stainless Keg

1 x Premium CO2 Regulator Made in Italy by ODL

4 x Premium CO2 Secondary Regulator Made in Italy by ODL

3/8 beer/gas line and 3/16 beer/gas line with John Guest adapters – we step the serving line from your kegs down to 3/16 between the keg and the tap to improve flow and reduce foaming

Keg disconnects for gas and beer and John Guest fittings to connect to the 3/8 lines

4 x stainless steel long shank and kegerator tap plus John Guest fittings

1x tap shank spanner to tighten everything up

1x food grade keg lube

4 x beer tap brush and plug to keep your taps protected when not in use

1 x INKBIRD ITC-308 Wifi Temperature Controller for you to attach your freezers power to and allow you to control the temperature of your freezer accurately and via WiFi

Set up instructions

Check out the video below to see us building a kegerator. The contents of the kit used in the video are slightly different but the process is the same.

Your kegs will be inside the freezer keeping cool, hooked up to the taps for serving, with your CO2 bottle outside. You could buy a new freezer or more likely rescue a secondhand one from eBay or Gumtree!

This kit comes ready for you to assemble at home using the below videos for guidance. You will need to modify to fit your own freezer dimensions and preferences.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Country of Origin GB
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