Deluxe Sodastream Cylinder Adapter (with pin adjustment)

Pin adjustment makes the sodastream cylinder adaptor significantly easier to use.

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Easily use your regulator for dispensing with a Sodastream cylinder, this proves a popular choice for mobile dispense.

This is a more advanced adapter that includes an adjustable pin, this means that no gas escapes when adding the adapter to the cylinder and allows for variation in cylinder design.

To use, unscrew the the pin holder ( silver coloured knob ) until it is very loose, don’t worry if it comes out completely, just screw back in a few threads. Now screw the adapter to the gas regulator. The hard white plastic washer fits between the SodaStream cylinder and the adapter. Once tightened, gently screw the pin holder clockwise till you hear the gas flow into the regulator and see the high pressure gauge rise.

Place hard white washer between sodastream bottle and adapter

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Weight .25 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8481900090


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