Electric Herms Kettle – 2kW with Stainless Steel Coil

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This 304 grade 12 litre stainless steel kettle includes a 2kW element that can be controlled by the included Inkbird temperature controller. The stainless steel element is mounted within a Tri – Clamp bulkhead allowing easy removal for cleaning. The kettle also includes a large dial temperature gauge for keeping an eye on the water temperature.

This herms kettle will allow the use of a non insulated mash tun, enabling stepped temperature mashes to be accomplished with ease. The idea of HERMS ( Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System ) is to heat the mash liquor very gently. The kettle is filled with enough water to cover the element and the stainless coil. The mash liquor is then pumped through the coil, thus picking up heat from the water.

Controlling the mash temperature:-

Set the water in the HERMS kettle to near boiling if you are using a second Inkbird or manually controlled keeping an eye on the dial temperature gauge, the temperature of the mash can be measured by use of thermowell this is installed in your mash tun. Simply add the Inkbird temperature sensor into the thermowell and plug your pump into the hot marked plug on your Inkbird. The Inkbird will then turn your pump on when your desired temperature is set. In this method you are measuring the temperature of your mash. Your Inkbird will turn your pump off when the temperature is reached.

Crystal clear wort of varying fermentability can be achieved using this simple process. It really puts the brewer in control of the final product.

Please note that the element does not ship with a cable or plug, this will need to be fitted by an experience person or qualified electrician.

What’s included:-

12 litre stainless steel kettle

2kW stainless steel element with Tri – Clamp fitment.

Stainless steel coil mounted to the lid.

1m 6.5mm id Platinum cured silicone tubing for wort transfer which is suited to the barbs on the coil.

1 x Inkbird plug and play temperature controller.

2 x 12mm to 6.5mm stainless steel splicers


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