EINBREW 1V1P Temperature Controller

Control 1 x 3kw Element and 1 Pump

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EINBREW controllers combine accurate temperature control and timing with stage and hop alarms to give you an enhanced brewing experience.
The quality of wort is dependent on precise temperature and flow control. EINBREW has a unique control system that will keep the wort you produce consistent leaving you cool and calm.
The 1V1P is for 1 and 2 vessel systems, it gives precise temperature and timing control for excellent repeatability. It can control a single element up to 15A and a single pump.

Ideal to use with our 3kw element and either Riptide or March May brewing pumps

Running your custom electric brewery is easy with EINBREW 1V1P. Full temperature and time control including steps for your 1 or 2 vessel brewing system and a pump.
Custom controller lets you setup your brewing recipe before you start, with support for up to 9 mash stages and 9 hop insertions.

Supports a heating element of up to 3300W (~14A @ 230V) and includes a temperature probe. Also supplied with a power lead and user instructions.  EINBREW 1V1P is CE marked and conforms to all relevant EU legislation.

1V1P User Manual

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