Mini Co2 Regulator Charger – Updated Model

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This is the New improved version of the Mini Co2 Regulator Charger.


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Aluminium bodied mini co2 regulator that uses our 16g Co2 bulbs to deliver up to 25PSI dispense pressure. Includes a gauge that is easy to read and adjust for small amounts of pressure increase / decrease.

We have sold hundreds of these types of mini regulators in their various forms and as with all of our products we are constantly updating and improving. This latest model we have had made specially for us and it address some of the short comings of the previous incarnations.
The unit is now smaller and lighter, making it even more portable. The adapter that the bulb screws into is made of steel meaning that the threads can not be stripped when the bulb is screwed in. This adapter is also removable and available as a spare part if needs be. No adapter is needed when attaching a disconnect, meaning less possibilities of leaks.
The regulator, once attached to a growler dispense unit can be successfully be used to force carbonate and dispense. Using as a portable dispense regulator one gas bulb will deliver 7 litres of still product, more if carbonated. This makes it especially suitable for all kegs that use corny style fittings.
Another option is to use a John Guest fitting instead of a disconnect, this enable the regulator to be used as to dispense from a commercial style keg, or as a means of delivering CO2 to purge oxygen.

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3 reviews for Mini Co2 Regulator Charger – Updated Model

  1. matt11 (verified owner)

    Brilliant, excellent build quality.
    You can make the smallest of adjustments with ease.

  2. matthew trim (verified owner)

    mini co2 regulators have always promised much but I have been though several and they have been universally disappointing, but these are perfect. Solid build, small and the threads tighten securely. No wonder you are happy to put your name on them!

  3. Stephan Martin (verified owner)

    Great product and a great upgrade from the previous version

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