Nelson Sauvin 100g T90 Pellets

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Alpha 10.7% 2021 Harvest



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The essential oil profile displays characteristics of “fresh crushed gooseberries” a descriptor often used for the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc, giving rise to this variety’s name. Nelson Sauvin has the unique ability to impart a distinctive cool climate white wine “fruitiness”. The complexity of the oils profile has seen selectors stretched looking for descriptors to document this unique new world variety.

Very much at home in the new-world styles such as American Pale Ale and IPA’s. This hop is considered by some as being extreme and it certainly makes it presence felt in speciality craft and seasonal beers

This is a must use hop!

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Country of Origin NZ
HS Code 1210201010

1 review for Nelson Sauvin 100g T90 Pellets

  1. Michael Kennedy (verified owner)

    Excellent hop, I use at the rate of 40 grams in the boil and 60 grams dry hop for 5 days. Wonderful flavoured ale served at 12/14°C.

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