Stainless Steel Flow Control Faucet with 54mm Shank

Complete flow control tap and shank

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6mm Straight Barb for 5/8 hex nut - Tap Shanks

John Guest 3/8 to 5/8 BSP adapter PI451215FS

Stainless Steel MFL Fitting for 5/8 hex nut - Tap Shanks

For MFL fittings

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Full stainless steel construction with flow control and pull back “creamer” function. This allows the user to top the glass with a lasting foam head. Solid construction, built to last. Features an auto close spring meaning the tap can not be accidentally knocked on.

Having flow control makes delivering the beer into the glass much easier with various styles of beer.

Complete with 54mm stainless steel shank that will bridge up to 11mm. The shank finishes with a 90 degree barb that is suitable for 3/8 beer line. Other adapter options are available to customise, top right.

This complete tap and shank set up is perfect for any kegerator / keezer conversion


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