Here you will find a collection of informational videos. 

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The Grainfather G70 Product Review

The Grainfather G70 Cleaning

Building a Deluxe Kegerator - the SMEGerator

Behind the scenes - how your order is produced

Fermenting Under Pressure

Mini Mash Brewing - partial mash kits

5 litre Mini Keg

How to clean kegs and lines

The Malt Room - Milling grain

Brew Day at the Malt Miller

Brewing on The Grainfather - Peanut Butter Stout

Brew Monk - Unboxing

My BrewBot

Building our Brew School and Customer area

The Grainfather G70 Brew Day

How to build a kegerator

Secondary Regulators on your draft system

Pint365 - Home Beer Engine

Universal Co2 Gas for Beer Regulator

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Mangrove Jacks Beer Kits

Kegging - learn about gas and regulators

Controlling fermentation temperature

The Hop room - hop packing

BrewSSSiphon - Stainless Steel Siphon

The Grainfather G70 Preview

Taps and Dispensing Beer

BrewCon London 2017

Propper Starter - Yeast Starters


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