At this present time we are only accepting orders which do not include any malt or Recipe Kits. This is due to a reaching the number of orders that our team can process within 48hrs whilst following safe working practises.

If you would like to order the site will save the items in your basket, then please check back for the site opening again. Please see our blog post for more details on the order suspending timings.


Here you will find a collection of informational videos. Please check out our YouTube channel for more.

If you would like to suggest a video you would find useful, please send us an email to

The Grainfather G70 Product Review

The Grainfather G70 Cleaning

Building a Deluxe Kegerator - the SMEGerator

Behind the scenes - how your order is produced

Fermenting Under Pressure

Mini Mash Brewing - partial mash kits

5 litre Mini Keg

How to clean kegs and lines

The Malt Room - Milling grain

Brew Day at the Malt Miller

Brewing on The Grainfather - Peanut Butter Stout

Brew Monk - Unboxing

My BrewBot

Building our Brew School and Customer area

Propper Starter - Yeast Starters

Grist Seperator - Malt Crush

Hops - How to use hops

Brewing a Lager - Vienna Lager

Stuck fermentation - how to avoid and fix

NEIPA - Oxidisation, avoiding oxygen contact - Beak Brewing

The Grainfather G70 Brew Day

Brewtools Review

How to build a kegerator

Secondary Regulators on your draft system

Pint365 - Home Beer Engine

Universal Co2 Gas for Beer Regulator

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Mangrove Jacks Beer Kits

Kegging - learn about gas and regulators

Controlling fermentation temperature

The Hop room - hop packing

BrewSSSiphon - Stainless Steel Siphon

The Grainfather G70 Preview

Taps and Dispensing Beer

BrewCon London 2017

Hop Derived Products

Malt Bill - Even Sharks Need Water - Verdant

Understanding the Mash - Controlling your brew

Oats - Using Oats - Siren Craft Brew


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