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If you’re completely new to brew, have dabbled a bit and want to get better, or are already an experienced brewer, our blogs and videos have plenty of information for new starters and old hands alike.

We have everything from ‘how to…’, solving problems or evaluation videos of new equipment.

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For those who haven't yet used it, our Recipe Generator allows customers to create and order their own bespoke recipe by the gram and to their requirements.

It's one of the most loved features on The Malt Miller website, and has been since we launched the first Recipe Generator back in 2013. Our current Recipe Generator has just had a major usability facelift, making it much more user-friendly.

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18th April 2024


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18th December 2023

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19th September 2023

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After making beer at home for a couple of years, proprietor Robert Neale became disillusioned with the poor quality of ingredients and equipment available to the home brewer.  Rob set out to find only the very best ingredients and bespoke equipment available with a vision to then sell those quality ingredients to other home brewers at an affordable price.

Quality and freshness is at the very heart of the business.  We don’t just source the very best available – we also store and prepare our ingredients so they arrive at your door in peak condition.

We ship throughout the UK and Europe and offer next-day and Saturday delivery, together with free delivery for UK mainland orders over £100.

Read more Read more What is home brew?

Homebrewing is the process of making your own, incredible and exciting alcoholic beverages at home. You can easily make homebrew beer, cider, wine, seltzer & other beverages at home. You can start the home brew hobby using very little equipment, as your passion and skill grow it can be added to. Eventually building a professional quality brewery set up at home is possible with The Malt Miller. In little time at all you will be brewing drinks to impress your friends and family that easily stand shoulder to shoulder with those you can buy in the pub or supermarket.

Read more Read more How do I home brew beer?

There are 2 main ways to brew your own beer at home. The first is the simple, easily accessible and takes very little equipment or time. Beer Kits or beer extract kits contain the ingredients required to make beer in a sealed pouch or tin. Simply mix the beer kit ingredients with water, add yeast and allow to ferment. It can then be packaged into bottles or kegs. Amazing beer can be made using our high quality beer kits at home as well as from all grain, using barley malt but wheat malt, rye malt or oat malt. All grain brewing involves a process called mashing which means to steep the grains in hot water to releases the sugars held within, this sugary liquid (called wort) is then boiled to sanitise it. During the boil process other ingredients such as hops can be added to bring bitterness and aroma as well as flavours to the beer. The boiled wort is then chilled to ambient temperatures (in most cases), moved to a fermenting vessel where the yeast is added. The Malt Miller has extensive resources in both our help centre and YouTube Channel which gives all the help required in your home brewing hobby. The Malt Miller stocks a vast range of beer kits, as well as all grain recipe kits, keeping customers brewing new and wonderful things. Using these methods customers will be able to home brew any beer style including Ale, Bitter, IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Porter, Lager and even Sour beer!

Read more Read more What about brewing other drinks?

Brewing other alcoholic drinks is similar to making beer from beer kits. Wine Kits and Cider Kits all use similar methods to the Beer Extract Kits and involve similar equipment. If you are already making Beer Kits, you can easily flip to making Wine or Cider. Using these wine kits or cider kits you can produce excellent results very effectively. For example, wine from a wine kit for as little as £1.50 a bottle or Cider for less than £1 a pint! We also stock equipment for you to make Cider directly from Apples!

Keen to brew things that are lower in Alcohol or Gluten free? Again we can help with this as The Malt Miller stocks a vast range of ingredients and flavourings that allow you to make other drinks such as kombucha or lower ABV beers & wines. The Malt Miller can also supply Gluten Free Beer kits or additions to your beer brewing to make it gluten free!

Read more Read more Why shop with The Malt Miller?

At The Malt Miller, we love brewing! We also love food, cooking, growing produce and that sense of connection you have to a product that you have made by hand. At the heart of that love sits the ethos of freshness. The freshest ingredients make for the best end result. This is why we treat all your ingredients with the respect they deserve. Malted Barley is kept whole in our warehouses until you order, at this point our team of experienced Malt Millers crush your grain and package it the very same day its being dispatched. The Malt Miller’s hops are kept cold through their entire journey with us and are packaged into bags, flushed with nitrogen and sealed to ensure freshness. The Malt Miller’s hops are packed in resealable bags to allow customers to keep them fresher for longer at home too. The Malt Miller’s huge selection of Yeast is stored in our bank of fridges and monitored to ensure it is healthy before its dispatch and is packaged with cold packs in bubble wrap jackets keeping it fresh in transit.

In addition to the way we treat our ingredients we also stock a vast range of high quality equipment from top brands such as Grainfather, SS Brewtech, Brewtools and Blichmann Engineering as well as our own The Malt Miller branded stainless steel kettles, brewing systems and pumps. We have many different options of keg solutions for all budgets allowing customers to build their own dispense systems such as a Kegerators, Keezers or home brew bars. If bottling is more suitable we stock different options to help you achieve this.

Read more Read more What else does The Malt Miller do?

We love food and coffee as much as craft beer. The Malt Miller sells items to help you enjoy our passions too! Stocking restaurant quality Charcoal for your BBQ, Rubs, Hot Sauces and Cook Books to get you grilling your best! Fresh Craft Beer from some of the UK’s best breweries can be found in our Indie Beer Fridge, all cold stored with new and exciting beers being added all the time. Indie Coffee Supply brings your some of the best examples of single origin and blended speciality coffee from leading UK roasters, Girls who Grind, Round Hill Roastery & Hard Lines Coffee, either ground or whole bean, in weights that you choose and suit your needs! We have a large range of brewing related books to keep you inspired through your hobby as well as books on food and other passions.

Read more Read more How can you help me perfect my brew?

We are brewers and The Malt Miller was born from a passion for brewing at home. Many of our team are experienced home brewers and brew beer on a regular basis, we also enter into home brew competitions. The team at The Malt Miller can offer phone or email advice and help, customers can even book into one of brew day experiences. Come and learn how to brew on a Grainfather in our brew school. The Malt Miller’s YouTube Channel offers insights into process’, Ingredients and methods with lots of collaborations with professional brewers in our Brew With Us Playlist. Our help centre and FAQ’s offers regular blogs and news to keep you up to date with our latest projects.


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