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Posted on 5th November 2020 by Categories: Blog

Hello, this week, let us take a look at our new range of stainless kettles.

We have had these made to our own speck and are available in 25, 35, 50, 70 and 100 litre capacities.

They are made from 304 grade stainless steel and feature a thick, multi layer base meaning that the entire range will work on induction.

They have etched volume markings on the inside and a Malt Miller logo on the front. The handles are silicone lined and as you can see here the lid sits on the handles for storage whilst brewing.

Each kettle comes with a ½ stainless ball valve and a bazooka type hop filter that is suited to whole hops.

Also included is an additional ½” port that houses the temperature gauge which has handy brewing parameters for both mash and sparge temperatures.

So, that is the basic kettle, however, we can modify these to include electric elements making these into stand alone brew kettles. These can then be combined with numerous other products to make a complete single, twin or three vessel brewing systems. These can be built in stages and developed as your brewing progresses.

Here we have a 35l version, we have added a stainless 3kw element, these are a tri clamp fitting, we add a 2.5” tri clamp bulkhead to the kettle which means the elements are dead simple to remove from the kettle for cleaning.

As you can see we have set this one up for use with pellets hops, we have removed the bazooka filter and replaced with a 90’ elbow.

Also, instead of using the additional port for the temperature gauge, in this set up we have a whirlpool return. This allows the use of a March May or Riptide brewing pump, simply drop the wort from the bottom valve to the pump, then return to the whirlpool.

Just add a grain bag and this makes for a really nice brew in the bag type set up.

The 2.5” tri clamp bulkheads are able to take both our 3 and 6kw elements. These can be wired to our new range of Einbrew brewery controllers. These are programmable units that allow precise control over the brewing process making repeating recipes much simpler. Various models are available starting with the 1 vessel 1 pump, that would be perfect for a brew in the bag set up right through to 3 vessel 3 Pump model that is capable of controlling up to 3 6kw elements and 3 pumps all running concurrently.

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