Live in the EU? Buying from The Malt Miller Just Got Easier

Posted on 27th July 2021

This is a step in the right direction… yes, it just got easier and cheaper to purchase from the The Malt Miller UK for delivery to the EU.

As of July 1st 2021, VAT and duty regulations changed for sales into the EU. This will benefit our customers in a couple of ways:

A) If you are an individual customer and the items within your order, excluding VAT and Shipping are under £135.00, you now pay your VAT to us rather than locally. This also means there’s no local duty to pay, and, even better, no extra service charges payable to the courier. The price you pay for your order is the total amount with no surprises.

The easy way to check, look at the item subtotal in your basket. if it is £135 or under the it will go through on the IOSS as above 

B) If you are an individual customer and the items in your order are, excluding VAT and Shipping more than £135 (150 Euros), we will not charge VAT. This and any duty and service charges will be payable locally.

C) Business customers with a VAT number will continue to pay all taxes locally.

Our clever web team have set our shop up to automatically apply the correct VAT at checkout, so you don’t need to worry about calculating anything.

We will continue to monitor the situation for EU customers and make all improvements possible to serve you better.

5 thoughts on “Live in the EU? Buying from The Malt Miller Just Got Easier”

  1. Andy Hunt says:

    So can you make multiple orders of £135 in the same day ?

    1. Robert Neale says:

      Yes you can, as long as we don’t bundle them, ( we won’t ) they will be treated as separate orders so will go through on the IOSS system.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Hi Rob
    Is the £135 limit the amount before VAT or the total amount after adding it

    1. Robert Neale says:

      Hey Ian, The £135 doesn’t include shipping or VAT. So as long as the goods excluding VAT are less than £135 it will go through on the IOSS.

  3. Ian Edwards says:

    Many thanks Ian

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